i broke my will again, now i can't remeber how it started
the pain of her still dwells inside

i clutch to the hands of death, balancing on the threshold of love
why do i harbor so much pain? why do i even try?
give me back the days of past when the world was so much more
now tomorrow no longer brings the hope that i will live

in life i can't remeber a day when the thought has left my mind
when will i ever know? when i reach my destiny, it holds...

the answers to heaven and a blissful place of love and life
it's all so far away from my mind, it has been taken away from me

why you even dare to touch me, the answers i do not know
why you even want to know me when the pain fills up my soul

it's all so bleak the time i want to reach, it's never been in my grasp
and now i ask why should i? when you killed my very soul

crushed my heart and buried my soul, left me to die in hell
no sorrow as you laugh upon my grave, unfeeling heart of black
give me back the life that i deserve and go to the hell you created
rub salt into your wounds to feel the way i lived my life

now the time for peace has ended, and the hope has been destroyed
now you lay pleading for love as i crush you in the palm of my hand

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