The Night is about to begin
Silent hunting for my dreams
Cloudy sky, there's no sign of tomorrow's hope
... just dying lights ...

Now I can feel ... is it real ?
Ceremony in my heart has just begun
Now I feel something I don't really understand
... Is this love ?

Quiet in despair, lonely as a stone
Frightened as a child before a storm
Lost in promises of a neon dim
Nothing really mattered then to me

... The Night was very bright, the Night was very warm
Dry were leaves and soil, no sign of a storm
Drowning in the crowd, suddenly I gazed deep into your eyes
And now I feel alive

... And now I'm gonna do it my way
Wanna watch it grow inside my heart
I'll never let it go now, never let it die
A thousand flames in every spark
Now I can change the water into the wine

... Down by the river I'm waiting for the Night
Wanna see your eyes in distant stars
I hope to see them now

I saw you lost in skyline crowd
I saw you here today
I will never let you go away

She was The Santa Claus of mine
She gave me love of a new born child
She made me understand my fears
She made me hold on to my dreams
She was my sweetest Juliette
From long forgotten tale of love
She made me understand my fears
She made me hold on to my dreams

Late at night the moon is bright
And weathercock stands still
Leaves are maist, and everything awaken
Fear is just a distant smile
Unclear and so unreal
I'm asleep sheltered by your heartbeat
Here tonight it seems to be forever

Now I can tell you how I feel
I can tell you what is real
Now there's time for You and me
For a smile and for a tear
Cause I know what's in your eyes

... Ceremony has just begun
I know it's love
And love is what I find ...
In your eyes

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