We take the tentstake to the house of rushammon
Slaying the goats down until the blood is gone
Sailing arch noah to the house of the men son
Looking from outside in the world in which we are thrown

Sitting with Jesus in the house of rushammon
A pain in the wall of your coloured sky
We turned down the flesh,the cruzifix of fate
To set a new flame,to start once again

And it your're watching how the fans are in the sky
No,there's no distance,eat me through the lie
I write my name up in the sky with the fire
You could be and can see everything,everything you disire

And sooner or later there will be a time for you
Yeah,to discover a secret place in you
Your peace of mind will be buried like a treasure
Born to die and find that we all live a nex mind

And if so,I find my own desert
And if so,I make my move alone
And if so,the world's just a room filled with mirrors
If I don't find you,I find myself so here I come

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