Foto do artista Perry Como

Me And You And A Dog Named Boo

Perry Como

I remember to this day,
The bright red georgia clay,
How it stuck to the tires after the summer rain...
Will-power made that ol' car go,
A woman's mind told me that it's so,
Oh! How I wish we were back on the road again...

Me an' you an' a dog named boo,
Travelin' and livin' off the land...
Me an' you an' a dog named boo,
How I loved bein' a free man...

I can still recall,
The wheat fields of st. Paul,
And the mornin' we got caught robbin' from an old hen...
Old macdonald, he made us work,
But then he paid us for what it was worth,
Another tank of gas an' back on the road again...

Well, I'll never forget that day,
We motored stately into big l.a.
The lights of the city put settling-down in my brain...
Though it's only a month or so,
That ol' car is a buggin' us to go,
You gotta get away,
Get back on the road again...

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