Sing along with me,
Sing a happy song!
I would guarantee.
That you cant go wrong!

You will be surprised,
At the way youll feel,
All your cares and woes will be a hazy memory!
If youll just agree,
Sing along with me!

Dont be too quick,
To say you cant sing a lick,
Theres a trick to it all!
Make believe that youre takin a shower,
And sing it out loud,
Sing to the crowd,
Youll be feelin ten feet tall!

Sing along with me ( Sing along with me )
Sing a happy tune ( Sing a happy tune )
Let the butterfly ( Let the butterfly )
Out of your cocoon! ( Out of your cocoon )
You can finally be ( You can finally be )
Who you wanta be ( Who you wanta be )
What you got to lose?
Forget your blues,
Now youre breakin free ( Now youre breakin free )
Heres the recipe! ( Heres the recipe )
Just sing along with me! ( La la, la la la . . . )

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