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The Mansion (feat. Elize Ryd)


Just like denial appeals to pain
She claimed his name to thrive
A virtuos kiss was all it took
To walk way
To leave the old behind

For he resembled all
The child that was forgotten
She may have had her doubts
The odds were all or nothing

'Cause she wanted to live in a mansion
White and with a view
Be one with his world forevermore
Yes, she wanted to live
In the mansion of her dreams
For all her friends to see
Be living happily

Two lives beside each other
Waltzing in disharmony
True love is hard to find
Whatever mourned
He shunned her cries
And looked away
To heal his heart
To find that love was far behind

And he gave her a deal
On a mansion by the ocean
If only just to shut her out
Cause she wanted to live
In the mansion of her dreams
No less
It had to be
Simple necessity

Driving in my car
Down the highway
Shining like a star
No worry in the world
The road is smooth
The Sun will set
And horizon turn to red
You feel you're free
You're rid of me finally
But you owe me just the same

She wanders the fields
By the mansion
In lonesome majesty
With no-one else to answer for
She wanted to live
In the mansion of her dreams

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