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Revolutionaries Rasta

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Revolutionaries rastafari from rio de janeiro!
Preocupado sempre, mas nunca em ser o primeiro
Satisfeito com o que tenho, não importa se doidão ou abstêmio
Hitchikin' in the fuckin' society, all the way to grand canyon
I don't have fawless, but i have a but a have a passion,
Set the fire i pass with matches, to burn down babylon
Many point at me, cause i'm just what they wanna be
But sold their soul to the system and their integrity to the tv
Fuck the fame, and hail to alternative society
Killing pigs with lyrical rhymes, while they try to step on my property
Babylon politicians invading like fuckin' martians
Destroying the same species, burn down forts and gardens
Killing inocents,whit the pain it's win crasheds kunk to bitches and fame
All the luxury, just to have the fuckin' scar and pain
But explode all the shit with the power of my words
And when i cut your wings i wanna see you fly, like a fuckin' bird you turd
How can you vote twice and approve government to the devil
It's kind of like throwing the dice three times before you turn to the right all the cancel so cancel

Mas já não dá mais para controlar, babilônia vai tomar um mar de sangue tá entrando
E é tu quem vai dropar !
E já não dá mais para controlar babilônia vai tomar um mar de sangue tá entrando
E sou eu quem vou dropar!
É, sou eu quem vou dropar...

Rastafari rastafari don't touch what's mine, is by my shine, but my thoughts can stop the time
You lie fly not even by the kite twice
Alright, everyone can see you in the tv pretty nice
Satisfied, but you still can't fuckin' fly
Cause your wings are on the floor and our music has the here to play dice
Back to the to the top hypnotic killing prodigies
Legalize marijuana is a matter of logic
And it's the green on the bong all the way to hong kong!
Smokin' skunk, you fuckin' punk thumb
I've been drunk, high in junk, a whole fuckin' month
And i don't care, i don't really give a flying fuck
I don't gamble for example in my life i'm out of luck
My puck never hit the net, never when i bet
When i bet on the dog, you fuckin' win with the cat

Rastafaris revolucionarios bolado com o sistema comprado
Fato que cabo se julga soberano no ato por ser formado
Engravatado com ar de superioridade pra mim é palhaço
Assassinando fárois atuais com rimas como pisando num rato.
Tô inspirado ninguém me segura caralho,chame o batmóvel o super homem,
Alguém muito agil e rápido , lartena verde bart simpson ,homer e a mulher gato
Ou então chama o gato félix e aquele louco lá e o ... tom e jerry

Ah saí daí sua tartaruga ninja revolucionaria !
Tartaruga ninja revolucionária !

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