Words and looks can deceive,
I shut my eyes and I still can't believe your empty promises.
I've heard them all before. I've heard them, whore,
so shut your fucking mouth and listen now.
Come and watch me burn now, come and hear me scream
Words of futile pleading down on bleeding knees.
If you could look straight into my head you'd see that all my thoughts are colored red
With frustration and lack of faith, so once again I turn to my hate.
Come and burn my weakness and my empathy,
Instead of wallowing in the remains of shattered dreams.

My undying hate as sharp as razorblades, so let me desecrate you "virgin lamb".
In my burning fury I am judge and jury; mother Mary since long both dead and buried

I rise from the ashes of a charred soul, intoxicated with my own perversions.
Die covered in mud, face down in blood, I'll sign my name with razorblades.
Lidless and blind, crippled and petrified you'll beg of me to let you die.
Here comes the pain bitch, it's your time to bleed
'cause I've got no forgiveness of mercy left in me.


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