mysterious life
we're all moving around
dancing the rythm of life

mysterious time
we're all counting the hours and days
till the end of all time

we're all feeling the change
and we don't know why
choose one direction just one for time
don't say I'm thinking too much
if you see what's behind

and these are mysterious times

mysterious times

no trick of the mind

for this moment I feel
like we live in
mysterious times

if you see what's behind
these are mysterious times

I feel my soul
for this moment
nobody can stop me from
flying so high

nothing is real
in a world of illusion
you anly see what you feel

repaet chorus

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Composição: Ralf Kappmeier / Sascha Lappessen / Thomas Alisson. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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