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Ophelia's Lament

Coven 13

(NOTE: The Angels vocals were arranged so I was
unable to hope i heard them right in transcribing them.
I hope I can be forgiven for the magick that is her lament.)

She watches the moon
As she sit by the window
She's locked far away
Safe inside her memories
No hurt no pain
No promises ever broken
She's wearing white
As the sky fades from dark to light

Darling Ophelia
Dance your mad dance my love
Darling Ophelia
Lament, lament my love

She stands on a hill
Wildflowers in her hair
She kisses the wind
And runs about without a care
She smiles and knows
In her secret place
She's all alone
Nothing to fear
Every wish is granted here




She watches the world
As it goes by her window
Shadows on the wall
As the sun is reaching in
TO be so free
She isn't like you and me
She sits and she waits
Sits and waits
Till it goes away

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