Here I sit in prison, guilty of a crime
Yes, it's true I killed a man, but it was justified
Yes, he was a friend of mine, he came into my home
Made off with my woman, and left me here alone

Yipee-I-yay Yippe-I-yo
Damn these iron bars are cold
Yipee-I-yay Yippee-I-yo
Here in prison, I'll grow old

Here I sit in prison, she often visits me
Tells me that she's sorry, and she wishes I were free
Says she never loved him, only wished she'd stayed
I wish she would stop talkin', I wish she'd go away


Here I sit in prison, I don't give a damn
I'd shoot the bastard over, if they gave me half a chance
I only wish for one thing, I only wish instead
that I had kept on shootin' until both of them were dead

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