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Ring On The Sill

Cowboy Junkies

She placed her ring on the sill
Dishes piled high
She's on the front porch step
And the air smells like snow
She's thinking of the siege to come
And how she'll miss those weekends in the park
With the sun on her face, and her book by her side
And that lingering taste that he left on her tounge

He lifts his glass from the table
It leaves a ring where it stood
He sees a light from a window
Caress her like he knows he should
He's remembering the first time he kissed her
And how he'd wake and immediately he'd miss her
Like a spell, with each breath
He'd taste her breath like a haunting
Irritating as hell

Do you remember when you prayed you'd never see the day
Someone would make you feel this way
'Cause you knew it would cut right through you
Once inside, you were afraid they'd find
Nothing to hold on to

He puts her ring on her finger
She brushes back his hair
He takes a sip from his glass
She inhales the cold fall air
They're thinking of the long road ahead
And the strength that they'll need just to reach the end
And there in the silence, they search for the balance
Between this fear that they feel
And a love that has graced their lives

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