In two. alone he'll forget the time
burn money to ashes. be drunken with wine
a fool.not knowing his left from right
he's loosing direction. his home within sign.
(staggered in with no where to begin)
i've left you again now i'm back to amend
no word that i say would be true i'm fine
on my own except for i'm all alone.
i'm just incomplete without you.undo,
the bondage of faith that ties,
unsevered connections just holding too tight.
end pretending tought stop sending surface his new home.
won't think too long he's incomplete without you
( staring over the shoulder to sin)
away he's walking to the sun
blinded in light of what he's done
and echoed voices burning
he's trying hard to clear his mind
but digging depper he'll only find
buried treasure forgotten face
here i am on my own, now coming home x7
i'm fine on my own except for i'm all alone
i'm just incomplete without you

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