I'm gonna take you for a ride with me, tonight
There's something that I want to say to you girl
Straight from my heart
I'll never gonna hurt you,
Shake up your world
Like he's doing
Just tell him that you're busy
Got things to do
He won't be seeing you
I'll pick you up at seven
Take you to the heaven
Cause girl
I'm gonna take you for a ride with me tonight
It's just a little drive
Us two
So right
I'm feelin' such a vibe with you so let's ride (tonight)
No need to fuss or fight
With you
I'm gonna take you for a
Just tell me what you're feeling
Baby, I'd like to know
Straight from your heart
Tonight, we're gonna be in a fantasy
So get in my car
I know what you've been thinking
You're torn apart
But he don't treat you right
I'll be on time at seven
Gonna be in heaven
Cause girl
Chorus (x2)

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