Ok, it's time, at least pretend you like it.
Don't let yourself become cliche.
I know your hip new friends and their hip
New trends wouldn't want to see that
Image fade. you say you're sorry with
Your sick sad eyes and your back against
The wall. but every time you see the spot-
Light your aesthetic show stands out from
It all.

Hey, look at me, i'm the next big thing
With the winning combination of looks
And personality.
Hey look at me, i'm the next big thing.
The perfect replication of unoriginality.

Make up your mind, choose now choose
Right. don't play the part to fit the scene.
You've got your hair just right and your
Jeans on tight. a pretty face is all you
Need. you say you're sorry that you live a
Lie with your back against the wall
Behind the crowd that cast you out
When something better came around.

Whatever happened to the melody
And harmony?

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