Identic Antithesis (Antíteses Iguais)


The light of shadows, the dark too clearly
The feet without shoes, footwears in ground
Imagine obscure, I see the brightness
All is natural, when see the strange

When have beauty, you proof the ugliness
The violence is part of crazy
Distant I come, suck for wind
In the time I stop, walking in millennium

the different, hides in the equal
Feigning is the more normal forever
Without prejudice, I see colorful
In black and white, the race of the friend

I am below, seeing here in the height
To get without see, seeing to lose you
Cry one smile, the calm of danger
To scream without sound, hero is a bandit

The blind man sees the speech of the ear
Everything is the same in the antithesis droned
The bee walk, the fish fly too
In your sand, I run the boat

My wound is very, very best friend
Without praise, that comes me rotten
You not think, not understand, believe
Agree and stop! It is easy to stop you

If I stop walking, I run walking
I wake up and I see the eyes napping
I was born dying, I'm to opposing
Contradicting, the silence is singing!

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