Yeah yeah, uh check it
I blaze two for them niggas that gets rowdy enough
And shakin up they concrete face till it's gets cloudy enough
I'm 'bout it and tough
Irregular, I can't be fixed
It's middle-finger for them pigs, tell em "suck my dick!"
I never grew up in the ghetto but I spits that shit
And got a team that'll get you and you won't be missed
I don't drink Cris, you like it at the top of your list
But never figured how you did it cuz it tastes like piss
I'd rather sip the two fingers till I make me a fist
And take a break from revolutions so I could hit you wit this
You took you first advance money, put it dead on yo' wrist
Or all them big-body strippers wit them big ol' tits
But man I see them same hookers and just blow em a kiss
Cuz they the ones who used to dis before I made these hits
Before I had the turkey bacon wit mahamony grits
Before a nigga hit the pits and started rhymin for kicks
Nigga, you fuck wit Kamikaze, you gon' sleep wit the fish
That why when you see me commin, you just creep in yo' six
Nigga, it's cuz of David Banner that I'm beatin yo' picks
Phinga's at home knee-deep in yo' bitch, nigga ya heard me?
Yeah now that's pimp shit

[David Banner]
One government, one card and one chip
That got Curtis Mayfield, they got Griff
They got the west coast hatin folks on the east
They know we lazy, now we back and ?market the beast?
That paper money, soon they gon' have no mo'
Right now they buildin houses wit computer chips in the flo'
So they know when you at home and when you ain't
And when you use that smart bank card, you in the paint
Let me break it down, they called it the New World Foundation
And when you use it, they know your exact location
And what you spit, and what you spit that ?own is your line?
That leave a mark, now they got that card in your mind
And in your skin, shit don't mean nuttin to them
And then power is the gold passion for us to defend
And when they get that money, yo' value ain't shit
Cuz they got all yo' cheese and the C on the chip
Now that's pimp shit bitch
That's pimp shit hoe

Uh, don't playahate, I'm eatin steak, bitch lobster and shrimp
(This is for the hoes man, this is for the pimps)
You know the kind that got them gators, man'll walk wit a limp
The ones that got the girls in the clubs showin they tits
Don't playahate, I'm eatin steak, bitch lobster and shrimp
(This is for the hoes man, this is for the pimps)
You know the kind that got them gators, man'll walk wit a limp
The ones who got them girls in the clubs showin they tits
Ha ha, now that's some pimp shit
Believe dat, that's some pimp shit
(I'ma go 'head and give y'all what y'all wanna hear)
Camoflagued in a entourage wit a tour stop approach
Contemplatin my assault to get your wallet, slit your throat
Leave you bleedin on the sidewalk, callin for yo' kin
Then I slide off in the darkness wit some stolen checks again
Ain't it funny, when I passed you wouldn't even shake my hand
Now you give up all yo' money and yo' jewels at my command
Stand in line for twenty hours, application says denied
Wanna see a 9-to-5 but couldn't work it if I tried
Man you lied, didn't give me my forty acres and a mule
Now it's back to sellin crack to all your children after school
Fools rush, when I rap you better hush, I'm in yo' place
Ain't no chance to see my face, I'll make yo' memory erase
Taste the steel as I point it oh so lovely at your dome
Tell your wife to hit the canvas while I violate your home
Then I'm gone up out the window, if you slip then I'll be back
You know my mind stays on crime cuz I'm black, that's what you wanna hear

I've been around a lot of individuals who think they got game
Claimin they've earned their player badges
Passin on this eroneous information to the masses
Cuz they speakin way outside they mental capacity classes
Perpretratin the fraud against God as I observe
And despite what you may have heard
I don't forgive but I do give you what you deserve
Now my homey's kickin these nouns and verbs
Have acquired me to unnerve these cats wit shoddy dialect
Who see women as sex, I see them as another check
Or an opportunity to get my name on a title of a Lex
Havin only paid my respect
Overstand I'm not one-sided
I'm just one up on the misguided sistas and brothas
I'm a capitalist, they lovers
While they buyin red rubbers I'm purchasin briefcases that cover
Green sheets wit caucasians who sold it over our black mothers
People say pimpin lost its morals
I say that must be territorial cuz my people stay deep like corals
As my coronary and cerebulum collaborate and make me historical
Game recognize game
Intellectuals recognize lame-brains wit fallen poetical aim
While you countin change, we countin for money-makers wit thangs
And muscle-bound man maniacs that maim
Pimp's last mack

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