You gotta be kiddin'
This is unbelievable
Don't make me curious
Leave me alone
The message is hidden
It's inconceivable
Let's get serious
What's going on?

Hey! Hey! You make things difficult
You make it hard livin' on

I'm going crazy
Livin' this way
I'm giving all my life to you
Baby I'm crazy
But I'm going insane
I shouldn't love you like I do

I must have been screaming
That was unintentional
I do apologize
For the way I feel
So tell me I'm dreaming
Cause I'm a bit conventional
Don't psychologize
It's no big deal

Come on! Come on! Don't make things difficult
Don't make it hard livin' on

Don't take this personal
We're in too deep
Maybe the cure is
Worse than the diseace

I shouldn't love you like I do

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