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Clash Of The Titans

Cypress Hill

Let the rain pour down from God above
with the blood on my blade no love begin the flood
open the gates let the battle begin we're in
with the wind at our backs ready for any attack
sound the horns prepare begin the swarm
of flaming arrows hitting your body keeping you warm
with the uniform of my sworn enemies
who raped and pillage my city and spread disease
feel the wrath of the warriors staff the path you take
can lead to the math that the masters break
The clash of the titans are you frighten of loss
fighting for the cause to free you and your with Gods laws
Looking at the stars aligned with the sign in Mars
destruction what's your function you roll with God.


The soul of the masters elements disaster
breaking you faster transmitting the broadcaster
The blade swings slashing your throat
divisions on a mission seeking the notes
dropping bombs by remote
Load up the cavalry no salaries the keys
to life and memories the strife bring in the thieves
cut the heads off hide in the loft
don't even cough or breathe or pay the cost
move and your lives lost
let your spirit reunite with your weapon
you wanna fight
hear the sound of the warriors stepping into the night
The eye in the sky is looking upon us you'll never hide
no cover to shelter your lies a pity your shell dies.
In the clash.......

Gods enemies falling upon their knees crawling
beheading the dead souls who run away from the calling.
Behold the white horse remorse never the case
from every corner of the world the battle is taking place
Let the war drums set the pace you face fire
resume from the Temple of Boom and seek hire thought
maybe you live maybe not the blades hot
many renegades ready fro battle die on the spot
with one shot one whole city become rock
the clash rages on people remain calm
Good, bad all in the balance your going mad
you can never tell Heaven or Hell
blood shedding is all around you can't run sitting the cell
When the wars over the light will shine clearing the spell
celebrate now put the blades to rest
no wickedness only the blessed will hold down.

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