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At The Club (Interlude)

Da Brat

Yo I'm happy we got to go out tonight
And shit you know it's kinda crackin' up in here

Hmm no doubt boo ya know
I'm try-na treat my baby right

Word we gonna spend a little time and shit

Definitely, definitely

I'm feelin' that, I'm feelin' that

Oh shit there go Da Brat

Oh shit? What you mean oh shit?

You what'cha talk- Why you always try-na blow
something out of proportion?
Yo just shut the fuck up and drink man

Hold up, hold up you wanna see me blow some shit
out of proportion
What the fuck you talkin' 'bout Oh Shit! What the
fuck is you lookin' over there for?

Ay yo whatever man

Yo that's my word, if you look over there one more
fucking time,
I'mma smack the shit outta you yo!

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