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A Promise I Make

Dakota Moon

Girl, you're every breath I take
Oh baby,
Your love rules every move I make
Oh baby,
And I know that you can't read my mind
And baby, maybe I

Don't say it as often as I should But I really want it to beheard
When I say I love you that's for good
You have my word
That day after day after all
I will always be true
That's a promise I make to you

You, you take this heart of mine
And make it better
I need you to
Come and walk with me through this life
And I know these words are long over due
And baby, maybe I


I may hold you
I may need you
I may want to


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Composição: Andrew Logan / Gordon Kennedy / Mike More / Gérard Jouannest / Wayne Kirkpatrick. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
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