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So What If I


Don't even wanna think about it
How this life could be, if you weren't with me
Cause i could never do without it
The security that you bring to me
Though there are people that will always doubt us
Those are the people that have never seen love
And with their petty jealousy
Trying to end you and me, i'd like to tell them to live
Their own lives

So what if i trust, cause that's just how i feel
Its all about love, as long you are for real
Its never too much, not too much to reveal
So what if i, so what if i
If i'm in love

I'll never fear the competition
Cause u promised me
That we'll always be
Cause i made loving you my mission
I'll never feel the doubt or pain
You'll never be alone again
And all the souls that try in vain
Couldn't tear you away
And so i tell them to live
Their own lives


I know you can see
Where i want to be baby
In your life till the day i breath no more, no more
I will always be happy
Long as your love covers me
Never doubt me girl be sure
And my loving will endure

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