I smile
But only to ignore the pain
Long enough to remember
That you never showed...

I laugh
Even though it's not funny
Just to convince you
I'm not hurt

Did I used to be important?
Were you lying when you swore?
This love has grown to something that you hate
Or that you can easily ignore

I'm sorry if I'm ugly
And I'm sorry if I cry
But it hurts so much to know you're gone
Without so much
As Goodbye

I'm quiet
To protect myself from speaking
And letting you know
That I miss you
And you're still standing by my side

I'm whole
When I hold you in my arms
But I've been incomplete
For weeks and weeks on end


An empty seat inside my car
An empty heart when I stare at the stars
An empty look from a mirror that stares back at me
What is this?
This can't be happy...



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