You`re my dancefloor sensation (5x)
I was standin on the dancefloor, havin another pie.
Then i saw you in the corner, where you lookt sow fine.
I knew i had to get you, had to make you mine.
Im was waiting for the moment, the perfect time.
Pre chorus:
Come with me, i show you things you`ve never seen.
Set you free, take around where you`ve never been.
Trust in me, i`ll stasisfie you`re compliny.
You will see, i give it to you energy.
You`re my dancefloor sensation, oh boy you dance upon me.
You`re my dancefloor sensation, lets have a good time.
You`re my dancefloor sesation, you turn my body on.
You`re my dancefloor sensation, let me feel it all night long.
Now dancin provising, i have so much in my mind (mind).
Even if it is just one night, you`re screamers makes me blind.
Just one look into you`re eyes, tells me what you feel.
Lets get partyin, and get it on with me.
Pre chorus
You`re my dancefloor sensation (4x)

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