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She´S Miss California

Dante Thomas

Uh...I mean Im just sittin' right here.
Check out this young lady right here!
Baby you hot! I mean you sexy! Oh my God!
Let me ask you one question... Where you from anyway?

She's Miss California, hottest thing in West L.A.
House down by the water, sails her yacht across the bay
Drives a Maranello, Hollywood's her favorite scene
Loves to be surrounded with superstars that know her name

She's a rich girl from the top of the food chain.
Love and material things, kinda lonely, till I met her at theGrammy's.
Ten million a diamond ring, she invites me spend a day on the JetSki's
at first it didn´t mean a thing, then she told me, I'm the onethat she searched for, it was hard to believe


In a couple of days she had me a bracelet made from HarryWinstons place.
Went horseback riding up to the mountaintop, showin' me the landthat she got.
Well it´s all right, but something else is on your mind, lookingpast all that shines.
Now the tears are running through, all those things are nice, butthat's not why Im here,
I will wipe away your tears, simply by just loving you...


And there you have it! I mean, she just love the way I do mybling-bling
From the Ghetto to Beverly Hills baby, now I want everybody onthe dance floor
To just shake it I mean I want you to get down cause we´re hottonight baby!
We´re on Fire! Now tell these cats where you from...


Como esta's senorita.
Yo' we got "Pretty Pras" up in here, we got Dante up In here andits on like that.
That's right. Thats right. Now all y'all cats that's talkin'
That jebreezy. Please stop it, Man!
We cant take it no more. Now tell them cats where you frombaby!
C'mon let 'em know...


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