Do you want to dance

I want this stupid week to end
I'd rather hang out with my friends
Crazy people along the street are yellin at me
so much there is to deal with
I should charge a fee
Tonight I wonna dance
And I need to be free
I want my girls to come with me

Meet me tonight at the star club
Where we can get in for free
If they give you some flak at the front door
Just tell them that you're with me

I know I'm such a lucky girl
I love my life and all the world
All the bad emotions that stop my energy
That's when I know that I got to go

So when you know
You're being lame
You wanna get in on the game
When you can hear the disco beat
As clear as a bell
It's time to rock that funky body
Out of it's shell
So drop by name with the doorman
His name is Montell
And he'll make sure you're treated well

x 2

Chorus x 7

Dance the night away
Before I get too old
And feel the music head to toe


Love to the Rhythm
Love to the Rhyme
Love to my girlies
All of the time
Love to the DJ
Love to the Band
Love to the people
At the hot dog stand
Love to the people that know
They've been clubbing
Love to the people that need a little loving
Grace to the people of the world in need
Come an' shake your booty if you wonna be free

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