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Bitch I'm Sexy

Dark Lotus

Bitch...(bitch)...Do you want me?...(do you want me?)
'Cause I'm famous...(I'm famous)...is that right?...(thatsright)

(Jamie Madrox)
Bitch I'm the sexiest killer you know
Come equiped with an axe and some love handles
Vampire out the water, straight to land
Can a killer that you know fuck you better than I can?
If you say that they could bitch, youse a liar
You must have never had a Juggalo between you thighs
Didn't like the fat kid that was cuttin' your lawn
Now your givin' head shots for your favorite song

(Shaggy 2Dope)
So bitch you think I'm sexy
And you want my willy
Then you best expect me to slap you in your fuckin' mouth
Oh thats right bitch, you like killers in disguise
Sure I'll fuck, but don't expect to leave a lot
I make sweet love to the neden of a Juggalette
A fake bitch out for props gets her neck wet

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Baby am I sexy?
Tell me am I sexy?
Baby am I sexy?
Tell me am I sexy?

(Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
What up young bitch? I know you like dick
So drop to your knees, and tell me what you think
As my dick slides up in and out your face
11 years dead funk, bitch how it taste?
Lay your ass down and close your eyes
Imagine dead dick, between your thies
Can't nobody do it quite like this
I might be dead, but I'm sexy bitch

(Monoxide Child)
Bitch I can't front, in the days of no game
I still had to gain to put your face on fame
Monox. Boogie in this bitch with my dick on hard
Face fuckin' all you hoes be my only trump card, bitch
You can it with the punk next door
But when you see me aint no talkin' 'cause we fuckin' on thefloor
And all that front shit gots to go
I'm on a hunt for the freak nasty, bitch, from head to toe


"I think you are, I have all of your albums,
I went and bought'em yesterday, but I'm definitely,
a Juffalo, I would do...I would do like anything in the world,
just to be with you, only you, its because of who you are"

(Violent J)
Bitch aint I sexy?
Wanna take a ride in my Lexy? (yea)
Well I aint got a Lexy, I got a Taxi
Get the fuck in it, floor it and pay for it
Bitch, we the Dark Lotus 6
We don't like bitchy-ass groupy chicks
I never got neden, before I was famous
Bounce, or get my foot in your anus
Bitch, you think its all song and dance
I'ma bust your head, you don't come out of them pants
You don't get to choose up and take your pick
You'll be lucky if you get to suck Sqeeky dick!
Bitch I'm sexy, take off my shirt
Whats that all on my back? dirt
Don down & dirty by the Violent J
And the motherfuckin' Lotus Pod, be the hideaway
Bitch, show a Juggalette respect
You don't wanna tussle wit' a down ninja
Life aint nothing but bitches and money
And I aint got either one, so get the fuck on... bitch...
Thats right... I'm sick of this bullshit...
cause thats what it is... bullllshit bitch...
You better suck my dick 'til my balls get wet...
Aiyyo Marz? (whats up?)
Man how the fuck you play these wanna-be Juggalettes?

Shit, I whip out my dick, and spit on you bitch
Piss on your tits, and shit in your sink
So whussup slut? Now I'm ready to fuck
Up in that ass or the cunt while I load the shit up?
My dicks gotta work, my balls gotta load
All Dark up in the hole, bitch fuck a condom
I knock a bitch out and fuck her limp body
We're hip all ready, lets start the party

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