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In a maze of feelings
I lost myself
My colored window
Now piece of broken glass
I can't stand it anymore
But i always do
How much more i'll have to give?

Life's a neverending story
Of disappointment
Hunger yearns, greed is turning
Good to bad

I wish so much to tell
But noone hears
I'm always wondering
How much more all take from me
Taking this, taking that
Again and again
Simple hated life
Nothing will remain

Let me be
When will i be free?
Crumbling walls i wanna see
I am sick of useless stories
Now it's time for me to worry
Worry about me

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Composição: Darkseed / Stefan Hertrich. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Enviada por Ismene e traduzida por Carolina. Revisão por Rayan. Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.

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