I know you feel it
This is a serious chemistry
You don't have to believe it
But the truth will set you free
You're flashing like white neon
in my mind and it's alright

I must be spoiled and rotten
cause no one else will ever do
Don't you forget I get what I want
All I want is you

Bring your strawberry car
Come to the cabaret in my mind
The camera's rolling
The water feels fine
You know I'm half crazy for you
and there's nothing you can do


Red rubies daffodils
Gentle breezes and windowsills
Starlight silver radiation
inside my mental television
An acid metamorphosis
An altered state of consciousness
Candy mansions of the soul
No compromises turn to gold


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Composição: Cami Elen / Darling Violetta. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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