exibições de letras 5.151

So she says everyone's going to the party
Won't you come if I come with a friend for your friend?
I'd be so pleased to see you out of the classroom
Wearing the smile that I bring you
I was hoping to learn a few things like

Do you do you like dishing the dirt on the whole class,
Talking the big smack, and playing the fool
Wearing all of the latest fashions
Or bucking the new trends, wearing your old threads
Or if you like coffee in the evening
These are a few things
That I'd like to know
That I'd like to know

So I say
I've been scheduled to work
But I'll call in
And my friend isn't busy, he'd be happy to join me
And maybe my friend and your friend will hit it off
Or maybe we will
I'm dying to know

Do you do you like dreaming of things so impossible?
Or only the practical or ever the wild or
Waiting through all of your bad bad days
Just to end them with
Someone you care about
But do you like making out
And long drives and brown eyes and guys
That just dont quite fit in

Do you like them?
So yes
I'll see you there

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