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A river flowed from my eyes today
When the girl I love told me straight
She said boy I love you, we get on well
And it came right from her heart
When it comes to lovin' and intimacy
There's just no attraction there
I have grown quite attached
And I think that she has too
Her words they hit me
So unexpected from left field
Out of the blue
So can we just try a resurrection?
And prop up this fallen down plan?
Alysha sky I'm your best friend
But I want to be your man
My threshold of hurt
Is usually on high
I thought my skin was thick
This one it got me
Where it's thin and dry
Alysha sky what are you scared of
I'm not like the other guys
I'm not violent
I'm a happy drunk
And I don't out man other men
I respect my dad
I'm grateful to my mother
And I don't want no other

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