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Yeah, yeah I scream...
With you on my mind so heavy and so hard
I don't know quite everything
You make me think of a better thing...
Better things to fill my day with
But they don't mean to go
Please don't be too bad with me, God
Please don't be too good...
Let some women's light, women's light
Chain my hands with me singing...

Hani Hani, come and dance for me
Whoa, whoa, sooner there
Hani Hani, come and dance for me
Only the brave
Hani Hani, come and dance for me
(feeling the night)
Hani Hani, come and dance for me
Lead me back home to life

You made Heaven turn to dirt
And dirt turn to dance on
Heaven come my way
Baby surely do
Maybe some moonlight
Maybe some, baby surely do
Maybe some moonlight
Say this say this...

Hani Hani, come and dance for me
Underneath the moonlight
Hani Hani come and dance for me

Hani Hani, come and dance for me
Come on, come on go
Hani Hani, come and dance for me
Give it back, give it back....

Oh man, I can't talk
A man was tall and once tore a piece of freedom for us all
When, then, you least expect it
Man can cut from of his own heart
For us all, that man
Don't believe it, oh yeah....
God, two men slice and dice each other up in his place
They don't believe it...
Well leave it
Leave it lying, leave it lying, leave it lying
Got me singing
Hani Hani, come and dance for me

( NOTE: "#36" is a song dedicated to the memory of South
African anti-apartheid leader Chris Hani who was killed in hisefforts to
free South Africa. The main refrain of "Hani, Hani come and dancewith me"
was changed to "Honey, honey come and dance with me" because Davefelt that
the song was too upbeat to have such a sad message of death.Consequently,
Dave also dropped the original lyrics about Hani's murder for amore upbeat
mix of scats, moans, and lines about love and happiness. With therelease of
"Everyday," "#36" has morphed into the title track, and the bandstill weaves
"#36" into "Everyday" when performing the song in concert.)
(Thanks to Nancies.org for the quote)

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