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See i'm leaving
this warehouse frightens me
has me tied up in knots
can't rest for a moment
soom i'm going i'm slippin' slow away
hoping to find something better than
i've got inside of here
the warehouse slips away

hey reckless mind
don't throw away your playful beginning
you and i will fumble around in the touches
and be sure to
leave all the lights on
so we can see the black cat changing colors
and we can walk under the ladders
and swim as the tide turns you around and around

hey we have found
becoming one in a million
slip into the crowd
this question if found in a gap in the sidewalk
keep al lyour sights on
he the black cat changing colors
and you can walk under ladders
and swim as the tide choose to turn you
and here is it

life goes on, end of tunnel, tv set
spot in the middle
state fade, statistical bit
and soon i'll fade away, i'll fade away
this i admit
taste so good, hard to believe an end to it
smell touch feel
how could this rhythm ever quit
bags packed on a plane
hopefully to heaven

shut up i'm thinking
i had a clue now it's gone forever
sitting over these bones
you can read in whatever you're needing to
keep all your sights on
yeah man, the black cat
changing colors
when it's not the colors that matter
but that they'll all fade away

this i admit
seems so good
hard to believe an end to it
warehouse is bare
nothing at all inside of it
walls and halls have disappeared

my love i love to stay here
my love i love to stay here
in a corner was wondering
if a change could be better than this
and then i worry
maybe things won't be better than they have been
here in the warehouse
at the warehouse
how i love to stay here
at the warehouse
every man and woman
get alive
that's our blood down there
seems poured from the hands of angels
but trickle into the ground
leaves the warehouse bare and empty
my heart's numbered beat
still echoe in this empty room
fear wells in me
but nothing seems enough to defend
so i am going away

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