Words cried out,
As you realize,
There's something wrong
In this perfect lie,

Each breath you take
Each step you make
Brings you closer
To your own grave

Words cried out - shut up!
Words cried out - since i was born

Eyes shut down - wake up!
Eyes shut down - hope that's a dream!

You bastard! you victim!
Did you think you live forever?
Your freedom, your vision -
All that you must have faith in.
You coward! you fool!
Did you think that you're eternal?
Shaking death's hand -
Come on, face the truth

Flames turn into dust.
Iron rots to rust.
Flesh leaves at end of day,
Life is decay!

You tried so hard to live this compromise,
To be a part of the society,
But you realize you're only stuck between
The mass of lambs led to the butchery!

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