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Feels Good F/ Kurupt, Lataya Williams

Daz The Dilinger

(Hook - Lataya Williams)
(Feels so good)
Feels good to know that someone loves you
(To know someone loves you)
Feels good to know someone cares
(I wanna feel you)
It's been a long time since I felt you
Just call my name I'll be there
(Feels so good)

Young Daz rollin through high surbuban, swervin
Down the block, catchin eyes and cutie pies
Observe, that is somethin particular, met 'em ??? town
Homegirl what's ya name, she replied the same
Yo baby lookin fly, I could see it in her eye
Respect me, you best be prepared when you sex me
Since I let you tell it girl I could rock you 'til your heartstops
Down to your knees like just like havin a seizure
Please you with the conversation ?? ???
Later on, have you chillin talkin 'bout livin lavish and bubblebathes
Kickin it on the Ave, young Daz trippin off the times we had
Wasn't usual but it was crucial, that I had the bomb and you hadit
Couldn't even get mad, it wasn't expected from the baddest girlaround town
I paged you early in the day, by 10:30 have it all locked down
What you did to me couldn't be duplicated, you made it the bomb
Even playa hated sometimes, keep in mind
When you layed your head, you knew you layed it in the rightplace
When you gave it up girl, you knew you ran the right race
Make it hot and sweet, give your body to me
Young Daz, sho' 'nuff gon' get it, homegirl
And it feels good baby


In my mind's eye all I see is time passin by,
will I make it to the other side
Ready to ride, we was all born to die
But will I die alone, baby girl what's it gon' be
She got the bombest shape I ever seen before
Man, she got a brother thinkin 'bout never doin wrong, man
Go on girl with your bad ass,
she got her own bank account, makin her own cash
I might be movin to fast, but with an ass shaped like that
She's the shit, plus she makes her own money, she ain't after mychips
I mean what more could I ask for, what else would I blast for
Catch a G dippin by high at the sky, I lace the game
Everybody wants the best, and every gangsta has a gangstaress
When I pulled on the block lovin the hood like a muthafucka
Then I seen my girl, felt good from that moment on


Yo Daz (get busy)
Kurupt (get busy)
All my ladies (get busy)
It don't stop (get busy)
Ay yo Daz (get busy)
Kurupt (get busy)
It don't stop y'all (get busy)
It don't stop y'all (get busy)

Who ya down for (you)
To ride or die, to lie, baby just for you)
Wouldn't trade you for no money or no girls
It was me and you to rule the world
(it was me and you to rule the world)
She cruise my neighborhood draggin the ground,
layin it down on hundred spokes
Flossin with her homegirls with no shirt
Pull around the corner, Dana Dane's shinin
She see me on the grind and on the front line and
You know where I hang, about handlin things
Be on the corner where the bangers bang
Flossin the neighborhood with your homegirls yellin "whoo,whoo"

Lookin extra cute, G'd in my Coupe
Get your bounce on baby girl, I love her
Plus you'll bounce with me, I adore her
'Cause she'll blaze an ounce with me (say what)
Khakis more creased than mine
She's gangstafied, she wears Dickies not Calvin Kleins
Never ignore me 'cause she adores me, ya know, ya know

(Hook to fade)

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