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That War

Dead Prez

[m-1 - over "whoa!" beat]
The cops stop you just cause you black that's war
Run your prints through the system that's war
When they call my hood a drug zone that's war
Slum lords charge me for the rent that's war
Why they so rich and we poor that's war
If you young and black you sell crack that's war
The white house is the rock house that's war
George bush coming out his mouth that's
War chillen on the corner with your gang that's war
Popo do the same damn thing that swar
When they murdered amado dialo that's war
Marching through the streets is a strategy of war
Knowing self defense is a strategy of war
Soldiers try to link with other soldiers that's war
Revolutionaries gotta know the art of war
What about hip hop use that fuck a rap battle what about a gat battle lets
Take it to the beast and see which cat tattle
Is it 'kiss vs. beans or p vs. hov'
What about the real niggaz vs. the 5-0
This is m-1, dp, don't you forget
Cause you can talk talk talk but it don't mean shit
I ain't gotta pop your top to see where your brains went
This rap shit is bigger then entertainment
It's the people vs. the pigs when it all boils down
It ain't 'pac vs. big it;s whos getting the power
And power ain't money dog its self determination
Like taking hot and making this the real people's station
That's war

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