I’m sucker free, sugar free
Dairy free until we’re free
Let you life with T, wanna kick with me
But that bitch ain’t never mean shit to me man
I stay away from cocaina
That’s white Jesus, I’m a non-believer
I was taught not to fear no evil
But I don’t wanna catch no jungle fever

Yo Snow White, Cinderella
Don’t wanna get no salmonella
Mozzarella, not the fella
Black to the berry, the darker the better
Devil’s daughter, I don’t want her
Shit I had you strung out on the corner
Crack in your hand, that’s Ku Klux Klan
No blonde if a nigga meet a real Roxanne

Dirty white girl, she’s so addictive
Don’t wanna go so you win all
Dirty white girl, she’s so addictive
Don’t wanna go so you win all

Milk on your mustache, ew
What’s that? I don’t trust that, that’s suspect
Toast, soup froze
Dextrose? I’m lactose intolerant
I’m not buying it, I don’t swallow it
I’m not fooled by your white power politic
White flower? Not none of it
I don’t sleep with the government

Just the kush, not the yayo
Cause that Barbara Bush is fatal
Ebony and ivory, society done a lot to me
She been around the industry
I know her history, it’s not a mystery
Crystal meth, PCP, LSD, that’s not for me

I stay away from them see through panties, that’s paraphernalia
With a poor white trash of kid, ya ain’t fucking with Virginia Slims
Cancer stick, she no good for me, bitch make me sick
No, I’m not the one, I’m not the trick
I need a sista souljah, not a Dixie Chick
No dairy queen, no Lindsey Lohan
What that mean? I ain’t with your program

My cup, styrofoam
Tell you right, won’t steer you wrong
Make you lean, make you fall
Michael Jack, off the wall
Hard white, my wife
She like to ride that glass pipe
Fast life, popping pills
Cheap thrills get you killed
Big syringe, pick your skin
Make you thin, she not your friend
Frying pan, brain on drugs
Back hand, ain’t no love

The concept of race has no scientifically proven biological or genetic validity.
It is a social construct that has been used as tool of oppression for centuries

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