Build up a cage
You are your own fortress
Upheld by a rotten core
Hellbent by hatred
Enjoying self torture
Hell is something man makes himself
Your kind of tool
When there´s nothing you would want more
Fear is the cancer
That eats from inside
It shows a man stripped and fooled

How i wish your kind would be gone
There´s always plenty where you come from...

...the dark matter
And we´ll remain, in the dark, forever
Dark matter
It´s all in vain, in the dark, forever

Built up a new skin
Thicker than stone
To protect this so-called secret
You bleed for your god
To make an excuse
For your own pathetic existence
Death, fear and envy
They´re deep in our nature
But are we all just plain evil
Man is a failure
An experiment of pain
That should end up extinct, soon

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