The sand expands to infinity horizon blends into sky
Was wandering for far too long part man, myth, lie
His son crawls on

Mistaking cacti for crowds of men
Hallucinations take control
Gouge out our eyes with our own two hands,
Travel on by our mind's eye

The sun reigns down with impunity
Just sand remains and empty lies
Were wondering (sic) for far too long part man, myth, lie
The damned crawl on

Angels are buzzards in bipedal form
And everything is carrion
Circling above, stares fixed low,
Block out the sun with blackened wings

Let's sink our faith deep into jesus
And leave him bleeding on the ground
Let's throw his hands up to the heavens,
See if his angels come down

A sandstorm of truth cleans flesh from bond,
Reveals endless beaches with no ocean
Faithful skeletons in tortured poses,
Scattered on land of broken promises

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