Arise! from the vast pits of death
And join us in (the) hunt for jesus christ
Trample the holy and deny the cross
Desecrate all weaklings in sight
Come forth! in this ritual of doom
We call upon the raging seas of fire
Seduced by the flames we violently strike
Obeying his darkest desire

Fire burns bright in our hearts
Sworn an oath to follow the dark
Knights of the underworld, take heed and obey
The call of death shows us the unholy way
Splendour and glory through this ultimate upheaval
Descending to his ancient domains of black evil
The heavens crack before our eyes
A token of satans might

Appear! mighty demons of hell
Give us the power to rule this night
Armed with swords of immortality
Our vengeance will strike upon those of the light
Satan! steps out of the flames
Snakes crawling out from his mouth
Darkness and evil have taken its hold
The legions of hell arise

Journey into the coven of the undead souls of hell
Join the hordes of lucifer, in darkness now you dwell
Take the masters hand and walk side by side with death
A servant of the blackest oath and pure unholiness

Lead - sadomancer

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