Speak up.
I am watching ourselves become what we once were.
Oh how familiar this is to me.

These faces look exactly the same as the rest.
This is a test of my regards.
I will not be, we will not be swallowed alive.

Its safe to say i don't know anything,
But i just want to know your plan.
I'm getting signs that we're ignoring what's supposed to be.

These signs are haunting me.

I'll let this pass.
An imitation of what we're supposed to be.
Keep your eyes focused.

I'll watch my every step.
Branded in my flesh.

Speak up you're not alone.

Not just an automation.

So steady your pulse.
So steady your pulse for me.
We will not become machines for all to disassemble.

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Composição: Blake Buchanan / Deception of a Ghost. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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