I was supposed to be aborted but was born, i had a purpose
Thank the lord he had the mercy to not cut my life short, so now i'm wording
It perfectly, i'm working on my life story, all the burden,
All the mourning, all the hurting, all the mornings at the church, i
Pray to the lord that he be certain that there's more than meets the surface
But of course, he never heard it, voice is hoarse from hitting herb but
I can't ignore it, getting nervous, rest assure i'm spitting verses
Pleading my case for them like i'm in court and they're the jurors
I'm burning bridges on current shit and i'm never turning back
Concerned with winning and learning business, the rest is yours, i rap
A verse, you listen, play your position, i catch it, you're at bat
You got to be high baby, thinking i lazy, word to bernie mac
I learned to laugh in the face of these haters, they're making me greater
They're basically traitors, they're motivating me major
To do it bigger than they ever could've did it
While you making excuses like you could've, but you didn't
I'mma get get get it, i'mma go go for it
And the kid quick with it cause that slow mo' bore him
At the polo store and i'mma about my fresh
I mean by any means necessary, malcom x
I'm the poster dude of what hustler supposed to do
La cosa nostra, michael corleone influenced
A goodfella but i want to be a godfather
Sick of being scarface, been in enough hot water
The problems will follow me, i learned to accept it
But it's all in how you look at it, i'll turn your perspective
I turn my words to a message, i rather burn like herb i burn in a session
Than live as a pussy, put me in a urn and respect it
You got to earn your respect, if it's something given for free
I wouldn't want it, you'd flaunt it, that's why you different from me
And when they didn't believe, i said i'd prove them wrong
Who would've known this sinner had a prayer, listen to the song
Gone for a minute but i'm back and i'm better than ever
Said that i'd never get to the top, never say never
All because i want it more than them, i'm different from the rest
And because i'm talkin from the heart, i'm spitting from the chest
Causing cardiac arrest because this is to the death
Because i got the game on lockdown, citizens arrest
Encrypted in the text, decipher, listen to the best
All of this has been the cause now, this is the effect/

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