Burn Back The Sun

Decyfer Down

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Verse 1:
I take a walk in the bitter cold
I try to see your face
The way it used to be
The sky was never grey
There was a time when I let you in
You turned my night to day
But I turned you away

Burn back the sun
Bring back the fire wands
Blazing inside this heart-o-cage
Burn back the sun
You were the only one
To love me with passion's quiet rage

I have tasted the apathy
It's bitter on my lips
I am not who I used to be
Betrayal with a kiss
Open mouth for the prodigal
You kept the flame alive
You keep this flame alive


Rage, quiet rage

(Chorus) (2x)

Burn back the sun

Composição: Decyfer Down / Jason Burkham · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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