put yo hands together
well I said put yo hands togethern now
ah hee ah lord listen yall

Hmm let me take a minute and testify
Tell the world what God has done in my life
Gotta tell ya that he took away the hurt and the pain and now I gotta give Him praise
I'm singing oh

CHORUS:Ooh God is good
LEAD: God is good all the time
CHORUS: all the time
LEAD: And I wonder can I get a witness
singing ooh
CHORUS: Ooh all the time
LEAD: Ooooo yeah eeh
CHORUS: God is good
LEAD&CHORUS: He's a good God good God good God good God

Ooh- Now if the Lord ever came through for you
Let me see you lift your hands and prasie Him too
Chorus: yeah
Lead: Ooh and when I was weak you made me strong hmm give me trust to carry on ooh

Chorus: Ooh God is good
LEAD: ---------God is good yeah
CHORUS: all the time
LEAD: yea--------h singing oh
CHORUS: oh all the time
LEAD: Aint no doubt in my mind he's good
CHORUS: God is good
good God good God good God
LEAD: ooh sing it again
CHORUS: God is good
Lead: Iwonder can I get one witness God is good yall
Chorus: all the time
Lead: earily in the morning God is
Chorus: I'm singing oh all the time
Lead: And late in the midnight hours God is
Chorus: God is good
Lead&Chorus collaborating together:Lead whoo- Chorus-good God good God good God Lead-
Can I say it like this yall
He's a doctor
Chorus: yes
Lead: In a sick room
Chorus: yes
Lead: He's a lawyer
Chorus: yes
Lead: In a court room
Chorus: yes
Lead:He's a friend
Chorus: yes
Lead: when you're friendless
Chorus: Yes Lord
Lead Yes he is
Chorus: yes- he's so good
Lead: eehhh
Chorus: God is good
Lead: u------
Chorus: all the time, God is good
Lead: Can I get a witness
Chorus: all the time
Lead: He's your bread when you're hungry
Chorus:God is good

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Composição: Damita Haddon / Deitrick Haddon · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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