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Cut The Rope

Del Water Gap

How does it feel
When you break a heart
Does it start to peel
In the weaker parts
Does it fall to dust
Or crumble slow
And does it help you, woh oh
When you cut the rope

So take me in
You perfect soul
My heroin of this hallow grove
And would you take my sin
When you’re on the road
And will you treat me like a kid
When you cut the rope

So are you weak
Or are you hardened by pain
Does it stain your hands
Or can you wash it away
And would you ever think
About the love that we knowed
Every day and every night
Before you cut the rope

So how does it feel
When you’re sleeping alone
Are you weak in the head
Or were you left in the road
Oh and how we walked
Oh and how we’ve grown
Pretty talk to me, woh oh
As I cut the rope

Oh and how we walked
Oh and where have you gone
Pretty talk to me, as I cut the rope

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