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From Hades To Earth


It was a dark night, silent and iced
I still remember
A cold breeze blew between
The shaded walls of the castle
Some torches resisted the winds
Silence was everything to be heard

My thoughts span when
In the shadows something
Seemed to peep
Far away, next to the dungeons row,
At the moment I looked at it
A morbid presence I saw
Safe at the same time

And I felt his eyes staring at me...
An amazing fear shivered my spine
I tried to run, but I noticed
That I couldn't control myself anymore

That death kingdom escapee
Started to walk towards me
I saw a vulgar specter is wasn't
But a noble one in a search
For something among the living
Some peace find my soul

From Hades to Earth...
From Hades to Earth...

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