A lifetime on the road we've run, never been so satisfied
Now all we've done is in the past, well at least we've had a blast

For all the things we've shared, dreams come, true
More parties will be had
We will never quit on you

Feels like it had just begun, now that all is said and done we
Just want to carry on, oh just carry on
Feels like it had just begun, one last show before we're gone
Just want to carry on, oh just carry on

Every thought of our nights together fills our heart with contentment
From the start, you've reassured me, this is why we were meant to be
Like brothers in arms, you are the reason we travel the world
Just to meet once again, but in the end

Far away but we still can remember where we're from
But it's never until, until the end that you become well aware of
The what the journey really has done to your soul
When you realize, the journey was the goal

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