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It's My First Day Without You

Dennis Yost And The Classics Four

Is that the sun that I see shining
Outside my window today
And is that noise down the street
The sound of children at play

Are my eyes really seeing things
My hands try to feel
It's my first day without you
And nothing seems real
(Nothing seems real)

I try to walk across my room
But I seem to keep losing my way
Everything that seemed
Familiar to me once
Now looks out of place

My eyes never see
The things I stumble across
Cause it's my first day without you
And, Lord, I'm so lost
(Lord, I'm so lost)

I try to look for things to do
That will somehow take up my time
(take up my time)
I try to think of other things
But you're all that remains on my mind

Will this emptiness inside ever end
Only time along will tell
This my first day without you
And I'm going through hell
(going through hell)

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