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Instant Street


You're probably right
Since from your side
That I've been lucky
But I've been the meaning the crack
All week
Yes I've been involved
It never resolved
to anything shocking
Pains playing yo-yo in my body as we speak

And now I found something to look for
But I can´t decide
'Cos I might find that stroll behind is better than to score
Just like I did before

It wouldn't be true, not towards you, to say that I'm staying
When on every single impulse, on every other move I react
'Cos in any old creek, With changing technique, You'll see me playing
And after any old motherfucking blow I'll be back

We turned away from instant stuff
Our cracking codes we're breaking up
Our words were sucked out it made them clean
And after lowness say it
And after more let it be known
Our codes are grown into to something mean

You're probably right
as for tonight
You're making me nervous
What is it you want me to be thinking of?
I'll put on a movie
I'll play something groovy
As a matter of service
And I'll chuckle when you smile
As a matter of love
'Cos you know it's not my style to be giving up now
And this is pain in my side, I had enough

This time I go for Instant Street
This life's a soulless excuse for all the abuse and parenthesis
The flyspecked windows and the stinking lobbies
They'll remain all the same, all the same

This is time to go
This is time to go

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Composição: Craig Ward / Danny Mommens / Tom Barman. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.


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