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Come With Me


She said, "Face your fears and come with me, take a chance andtake
my hand so you can see everything you know you'll never have,
everything you know you want but fate killed your plans." Fillthis hole
inside of me, I can't stand the ache this pain is Killing me.Those who
have suffered will understand that pain is welcome, when it's allyou
have left. Come and die with me. Let's see what we can't be. Comeand
die with me. Now is our chance to know how it feels to be free.I'm alone
but not alone. You're welcome here but we're on our own. It's thetest
we were bound to fail. I've watched the strongest crumble, andseen
their weakness prevail. The give and take, the grip and strain,the
hopeless sincerity, we played and lost, or so it appears to me tobe that
way. I can't hold this smile. I can't hide this pain. Come anddie with me,
let's see what we can be. Come and die with me. Now is our chanceto
know how it feels to be free. I'm in search of a second opinion,a way
to escape this situation. The list of wrongs I write no one canread. I
know the scars are shared but we can never speak. Holding on,holding
in. The ache lulls and then I see you again. It's a pain I'dnever trade
for anything. I can smile outside, I can smile and say I'm allright. I'm
praying for things that will never change. Now is our chance toknow
how it feels to be so free from all this shit. I'm not contentalone and
not pleased with your distance. Come and die with me. Let's seewhat
we can be. Come and die with me. Now is our chance to know howit
feels to be free.

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